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'You Share!' is your opportunity to give back to the preschool community. Every month over 65,000 people visit this site looking for parenting solutions, preschool activities, bulletin board ideas and just ways to enrich their lives.

With over 250 pages of content they are bound to find what they are searching for. This site is not another blog with general information about various topics. It specializes in preschoolers - It has information from experts in the field based on years of research, study and personal experience.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it for you. I believe this information should be FREE and AVAILABLE for all! After all, (to quote the Beatles)

"There is nothing you can make that can't be made... ...All you need is love."

...And Love is Sharing.

5 Reasons to Share:

  • 1. Your page will be read by over 60,000 monthly visitors and if you write a great page they will share it with their friends making you mini-famous.

  • 2. Sharing makes the world go round!

  • 3. You will be helping others and helping feels good.

  • 4. You will be part of a collaborative team - working together is always better.

  • 5. Sharing is caring.
  • So please use the links below to share your ideas, stories, bulletin boards, suggestions, photos or anything else you have in mind.

    1. Share Your... Bulletin Boards Ideas - Show off your beautiful bulletin board.

    2. Share Your... Lesson Plans - Brag about your amazing lesson plan.

    3. Share Your... Classroom Tips - What is your BEST tips for new teachers?

    4. Share Your... Parenting Skill and Precious Moments - Looking for parenting advice? Have an opinion about parenting methods that don't work?

    5. Share... Great Pre K Books Suggestions and Reviews - Did you read a great book to your child recently? Or perhaps you wrote a kids book, this is the place to brag about it.

    6. Share Your... Unique Preschool Activities - Let your creativity shine and get kudos for it.

    7. Share Your... Bible Experience Lesson Ideas and Crafts - Want to inspire others? Do it by sharing your values.

    8. Share Your... Easy Science Experiments for Kids - A place for all those corky and messy experiments to shine

    Thank You for your contributions!