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The Preschooler, Issue #003 -- Tips for Quality Family Time!!
May 10, 2009

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

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The quote I used as the opening for this issue made me think of all the things I learned from my son. For example, that when the sun and the moon are in the sky at the same time.. "they are playing hide and seek." That ants tickle when they walk on our hands and that our sofa is really a pirate ship.
I began wondering what did our readers learn from their children and decided to hold a friendly contest. Take a moment to share your experiences as a parent. All entries will be featured on the site.
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Our family has been enjoying the outdoors with picnics in the park, feeding the ducks, going on long walks and simply being together. I constantly need to remind myself to slow down and take the time to enjoy every moment with my children. I am therefor dedicating this issue of THE PRESCHOOLER to all 'things family'. It includes simple activities and tips that will help you connect with your child during various parts of the day. With Mother's day taking place this weekend, I would like to begin with an old values lesson...

Values T.I.M.E.

This week in class we had an open discussion about how we show respect to our parents. Here are some of the answers the children gave:"Listen to them", "Not talking back", "Giving them kisses and hugs" and "Not touching their personal things." In the Ten Commandments, the fifth commandment states, Honor Your Father and Mother. As we celebrate the important people in our lives, our moms, take a moment to teach the children about the Ten Commandments. You will find the story in a nut-shell along with discussion ideas here: The Ten Commandments.

Supper T.I.M.E.

Having one meal a day together is essential for family unity. In our family we use supper time as a time to reconnect and share our day. Our favorite supper game is: "My favorite part of the day was..". It is a great way to get your child to open up and talk about their day at school. To find out about this game and other easy supper games click here.

Science T.I.M.E.

With everything blooming all around us, it is time to put our green thumbs to the test. Take an afternoon to plant with your child, it will give you an opportunity to teach them about plants and their role in our world. By having to water and care for their plant you child will also learn about responsibility. Visit my page about the life cycle of a seed by clicking here.

Story T.I.M.E.

Looking for a reading challenge? Take the 20 books 3 weeks challenge. This month my son and I went to our local library and checked-out 20 books (the limit). Since we needed to return them within 3 weeks, our challenge was to read all the books by the time limit. This meant a book a day. Of course, some books we read multiple times since he enjoyed them so much. Step-up the challenge by choosing from a variety of book genres. We are now reading rhyming books, short chapter books and poetry. Not sure where to begin? Here are my top book recommendations.

Until next time,

Z. Meltzer


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