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The Preschooler, Issue #013--To Infinity and Beyond
May 07, 2010

"To infinity and beyond." - Buzz Lightyear

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

The month of April was an exciting time at our home and for Preschools 4 All. As a result of my son's interest in outer space, we delved into astronomy and began exploring and learning about the solar system and space travel. Preschools 4 All also reached new heights with the launch of a new product line. As a result, it is only appropriate for this issue of The Preschooler to revolve around reaching for the stars.

The Sky is the Limit

In December 2008 I purchased SBI! with a plan to share my knowledge and views about early childhood education. With the help of SBI! I created strategic planning and long term goals for my website. A year and a few months later, Preschools 4 All attracts more than one thousand visitors a day and now has it's own product line.

Along with a dear friend of mine, a talented graphic artist, first samples are now available for purchasing. Check out or virtual store for Mother's Day gifts and end of the school year teachers presents.

Our Store

Star Light Star bright

It all began with the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough. The children at my son's daycare have been learning about Van Gough and were fascinated by Starry Night which led them to wonder about space, stars and the universe. The teachers used this opportunity and began exposing the children to space activities, books and experiments. Following the

TIME philosophy, at home we did the same thing.

Click on the links and find out more.
Outer Space Planets - Learn about the solar system. Space Crafts - Find out how astronauts travel. Preschool Outer Space - Easy activities and experiments that will help develop your child's skills. Rocket Bedding - Cool affordable space bedding for your little space explorer.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions, suggestions or advice.

Stay tuned, my son's interview with astronaut Marc Garneau will be published in the next issue of The Preschooler.

Until next time, I hope you have the T.I.M.E. of your life.

Z. Meltzer

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