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The Preschooler, Issue #026 - "BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND"
January 09, 2013


Begin your day by asking yourself: "What can I do today in order for my child to be a well rounded responsible citizen in twenty years time?" There are activities, games and books that will help your child develop their social and emotional being, their cognitive skills, their language skills and their gross and fine motor skills.

With the help of this e-zine and it's corresponding pages on the site you can begin 2013 with a simple action plan on ways you can incorporate various activities daily that will help you develop your child to a well rounded person.

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

Social and Emotional Development

The key to a child's overall well-being. It's the ability to learn the difference between right and wrong, truth or false. It is the ability to be empathetic and take into account the feelings of others. Read about these tips on ways to improve your child's social and emotional development.

Cognitive Development

Our ability to think, problem solve, make decisions and make sense of the world around us. Read about the five main categories of cognitive development and find some great games to help develop your child's cognitive learning skills.

Language Development

The development of your child's vocabulary, listening skills and communication skills. FInd ways your can improve your child's language development with these simple preschool language activities.

Gross Motor Development

The development of the large muscles in our body, the ones that help us walk, run and simply move around. Click on this link to find easy gross motor activities for preschoolers.

Fine Motor Development

The development of the small muscles in our body, the ones that help us move our hands, wrists, fingers and toes. It is essential for children to develop their fine motor skills to be able to draw, write, lace their shoes, and button their jackets. Visit this link for simple fine motor activities.

Wishing you luck on your personal journey as educators and parents. Remember, the future is in our hands.

Happy New Year!

Z. Meltzer

Preschools 4 All

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