Early Childhood Cognitive Development
Cognitive Learning

Cognitive learning development is our ability to think, solve problems, make decisions, and make sense of the world around us.

Cognitive development is divided into five main categories:

1. Information processing

2. Intelligence

3. Reasoning

4. Language development

5. Memory

During the preschool years, children have a self-centered view of the world. They mainly use their imagery and memory skills meaning they are able to learn and memorize new things.

Over this time period we can see an increase in their attention span, letter recognition and ability to read, structured routines and the joy of being given a 'job'.

Guidelines for Cognitive Development Between Ages 3 to 5

The Three Year Old Child

  • Actively explores the world.
  • Loves pretend-play and 'lives' in the land of make believe.
  • Takes a hands-on approach to problem solving, as well as trial and error.
  • Is able to sort objects into simple categories. (Size, color, shape)
  • Can count items, but does not have one-to-one correspondence.

The Four Year Old Child

  • Explores his or her environments, such as the home, the classroom, etc.
  • Uses more complex dramatic play.
  • Transforms objects for role-playing, e.g. a teddy bear might become the child's pretend baby.
  • Begins to give ideas, suggestions, and predictions prior to solving problems.
  • Can classify according to two or more attributes, e.g. both size and color.
  • One-to-one correspondence is emerging.

The Five Year Old Child

  • Explores aspects of the home and classroom environments.
  • Uses scripted, planned out dramatic play involving many children and role negotiations.
  • Is determined to solve problems independently, but sometimes needs adult support.
  • Uses measurement words, such as 'long,' as well as tools like rulers.
  • Can count with one-to-one correspondence.

Children develop their cognitive learning on a daily basis. By taking the T.I.M.E. and sharing their learning experiences you can help your child on their road to success.
This are our favorite games to help develop cognitive learning:

You can also create some wonderful discussions with your child and help them develop their problem solving abilities by using these bible stories for kids.

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