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The Preschooler, Issue #005 --Back to School!
September 06, 2009

"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

Back to School

The summer holidays are well behind us and my family and I are already in full swing: Back to school, back to work and back to a routine.
While on holiday I tried to decompress and to reflect on the year that past while beginning to plan for the year ahead. In August I signed up for a summer course on the differentiated classroom. It inspired me to further develop my teaching techniques in order to reach all the children in my classroom. The course also reminded me that we continuously need to grow professionally and learn 'new trick' every once in a while.

I dedicated this issue of The Preschooler to new beginnings in the hope that you will benefit from my knowledge and learn a new thing or two.

Back to School Lesson Plan

Back to school means new beginnings. New classroom, new teacher and new friends. If you are a teacher looking for some ideas on how to start the year, you can visit this page to read an outline of my lesson plan on New Beginnings.

Classroom Management

Experts say that the first six weeks of school are the most critical. Here are my tips about classroom management and classroom setup. By taking the time and setting the right tone in the beginning of the year you will be able to create an easy flow and a pleasant atmosphere in your classroom.

Reading T.I.M.E.

I am a HUGH advocate for reading. I try and squeeze in as much reading during the day as possible. Here is a list of my favorite beginning of the year books that will help ease children into their first month of school.

The Kissing Hand - Audrey Penn

We Share Everything - Robert Munsch

The Brand New Kid - Katie Couric

Kindergarten Rocks - Katie Davis

D.W. Guide to Preschool - Marc Brown

Who Will Go to Kindergarten Today? - Miriam Monnier

5 p.m. Survival Tips for Parents

You just got home with you children in tow and you still have to finish making supper. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? The children want your attention and you can really use a helping hand. Here is a great way to keep them busy while getting dinner ready and giving them their attention they deserve - Household Chores.

While you are cooking have your child set the table, water the plants or help you cut up the vegetables for the salad. These everyday activities are a great way to practice their fine motor skills (cutting vegetables), math skills (counting how many plates, cups and cutlery they need) and teaching them responsibility.

Visit this page and read about creative ways to display your child's chore chart.

Until next time,

Z. Meltzer

Preschools 4 All

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