Early Childhood Lesson Plans

For my early childhood lesson plans I use a method called Backwards Design. The goal for the early childhood theme of New Beginnings is to build smooth classroom routines in order to create a pleasant and safe classroom environment. For most children, it takes about two weeks to readjust to a new classroom

The Big Picture - Concepts and Values

1. School is a safe and happy place where we are free to express ourselves, follow our interests, progress at our own pace, learn on our own and in collaboration with others.

2. We are all a part of a community.

3. Each individual's contribution is necessary for the success of the class, the school, the community.

Essential Questions

1. Why do we need rules in our classroom? Our school? The playground?

2. Who are the people that make up our Pre-K?

3. What does it mean to be a good friend? helper? team member? partner? family member?

4. What does it mean to be part of a team?

Early Childhood Lesson Plans for New Classes

Daily Schedule

Introduce the children to the daily schedule. I love using pictograms to build independence, confidence and a sense of security in the children.

Tip: Place the schedule at a child's eye level and in a prominent location.

A visual schedule is an exceptional tool for helping children during transitions in the school environment. Seven separate sections allow for 2 activity cards and 2 activity labels in each. Adding the title of the activity below the pictogram encourages pre-reading skills and early sight reading.

Name Game

In a circle, pass a ball to a child and say their name. Example: Jessica passes the ball to Noah. Noah passes the ball to Jonathan.

Classroom Rules and Routines

1. Be Safe!

2. Be Kind!

3. Be Neat!

Include routine of the day and going over the daily schedule. Begin teaching transition songs.

Classroom Tour

What can we find in our classroom? What do the pictures represent in each preschool learning center?

Library Center

My favorite books for the beginning of the year: The Classics, Top Authors and Kids' Picks.

Class Album

Take a picture of each child and glue it on a regular size paper. Write the child's name on the bottom of the page. Put all the pages in a binder and create a classroom photo album.

Who is in Our Preschool?

On a large paper (bristol board or experience chart) draw an outline of a school. Ask the children who is in our preschool? Write down the names of all the children in the class, the teachers, the school director and anyone else that is part of the preschool.

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