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The Preschooler, Issue #010--The Artist Within
February 03, 2010

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a young child paint? It is an amazing site. They are happily engaged, creating something magnificent and wonderful. The colors mix up beautifully as they paint a building, a family or a forest. Before you know it the colors mix together and the whole page turns into this brownish color. You wonder, "Where is the beautiful painting I saw just a moment ago?" The child on the other hand is satisfied with this final product. In their mind they still see the beautiful building or the happy family.

This stage in childhood is temporary and goes by quickly. By the time children enter Kindergarten or at the latest Grade one, they become aware of the fact that their picture might not come out exactly the way they want it to and that their friend is able to draw 'better' people. As a result the artist in the child tends to fade away.

Our duty as parents and educators is to cultivate our children's creativity by creating opportunities where they are able to express themselves through art.

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Painting T.I.M.E.

Painting helps develop creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination and motor skills in young children. You can find lots of painting activities as well as homemade paint recipes by visiting my painting section.

Drawing T.I.M.E.

Help develop your child's fine motor skills with these magical drawing ideas.

Play T.I.M.E.

While children play they are exposed to various learning opportunities. Dramatic play in particular allows children to express their emotions and concerns through the art of acting. Here is a reminder of the importance of play.

Reading T.I.M.E.

One of my favorite books is The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her mind. It is simply a

must read.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions.

Until next time, I hope you have the T.I.M.E. of you life.

Z. Meltzer

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