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The Preschooler, Issue #015--Getting The Most Out of Summer
August 04, 2010

"Getting the Most Out of Summer"

The Preschooler brings you the latest ideas and suggestion for fun and simple activities with your child.

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The Preschooler

Often when people think of summer time they think about relaxing, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with friends. Even while on a break, there are simple ways to support your child's development during the summer months. Might sound difficult but it is actually really simple...

...all you need to do is keep in mind the areas of developmental milestones...

...and to make life even easier, this month's e-zine has direct links to each developmental stage page packed with indoor and outdoor activity ideas.

Stages of Child Development

When looking at the stages of child development, parents must remember that each child is unique and progresses at his or her own pace.


Gross Motor Activities

Early childhood physical development includes gross motor development. It is the development of the large muscles in our body, the ones that help us walk, run, and simply move around. For ideas visit my

gross motor activities page.

Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities are part of our everyday life. It is essential for children to develop their fine motor skills to be able to draw, write, lace their shoes, and button their jackets. Check out these simple daily fine motor activities.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive learning development is our ability to think, problem solve, make decisions, and make sense of the world around us... read more

Click here for math activities. Click here for pre-reading activities.

Language Development

Preschool language activities play an important role in the development of your child's vocabulary, listening skills, and communication skills. Visit my preschool language activities page.

Emotional Development

Early childhood emotional development and social development is the key to a child's overall well-being... read more

Read! Read! Read!

Did you know? Children who are read to do far better in school than those who are not read to. Learn more about the importance of reading to young children.

Feel free to use the forms on the site to share your ideas, suggestions and to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Z. Meltzer

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