Math Games for Kids

I collected some great math games for kids that can help your child develop the analytical side of their brain and expose them to the world of math.

By the end of preschool, a child should be familiar with concepts such as patterns, shapes, numbers, and measurements. The vocabulary they acquire during the early years are the building blocks for good mathematical understanding later on.

Even if math was never your strongest subject at school, you will still find it fun to play these math games with your kids.

I divided the games to the following four main groups:

Number Recognition

Counting games and other math games that will help kids understand the world of numbers.

Measurement Games

Teach your little scientist the vocabulary of the world of measurements while playing games.

Geometry and Shapes

Put your shape glasses on and explore the world.

Pattern Games

Lots of concrete examples using objects, our body parts, and even words.

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