Reading WITH Preschoolers
Reading TO Children

There is a difference between reading with preschoolers and reading to children. When you read with a child, they are actively engaged and participate in the story telling process. When you are reading to a child, they might not be active listeners, they might drift away and not pay attention to the story.

What to Remember When Reading with Preschoolers

1. You are not a TV - Reading is an interactive activity. Talk with them, ask for their opinion.

2. Enjoy the experience - Make reading fun and enjoyable. Never make it feel like a chore.

3. Make it meaningful by choosing books your child can relate to. Characters she/he will love and cherish forever.

4. To use books as a starting point to discuss real life experiences.

When you are reading with preschoolers you are teaching them that the words on the page have a meaning and together they create a story. You are expanding their vocabulary and most importantly, you are teaching your child that they are important to you and you want to spend quality time with them.

How to Encourage Preschoolers and Children to Read

So you are on board with reading but not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips for getting started:

Books everywhere - Have books everywhere. In the car, bathroom, under their pillow and by their bedside. Keep books on the coffee table in the living room and on the shelves in their room. Visit your public library often.

15 minute rule - Read for at least 15 minutes a day. Half an hour is even better.

Set a special reading time - Bedtime works well for us but you should choose the best time for you.

And finally, raise a reader by becoming a reader yourself.

By teaching your child the love of reading you are giving them a great gift. A gift of endless knowledge and pleasure that will enrich their lives forever.

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