Preschool Bible Lessons:
The Story of Adam and Eve

All about Rules and Consequances

When teaching preschool bible lessons you have to keep your audience in mind: namely, the preschoolers! Use age appropriate vocabulary and do not assume that they understand everything. Be animative and creative.

Preschool Bible Lessons Story T.I.M.E.:

Adam and Eve are living in the Garden of Eden. God tells them that they can enjoy all the goodness the Garden has to offer with the exception of one tree, the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. The sneaky snake convinces Eve to break this rule, and she later shares the forbidden fruit with Adam. As a result, they become aware of their nudity and are ashamed. Realizing what they have done, Adam and Eve try to hide from God.

God calls Adam and Eve and upon finding them he asks them why were they hiding from him? Adam and Eve admit to their mistake and God punishes them for breaking the rules. From that day forward they are banished from the garden of Eden. Adam and all future men need to work for their food. Eve and all future women endure labour pains.

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Preschool Discussion T.I.M.E.

Discuss the difference between right and wrong, emphasizing that each person has the ability to know the difference between the two.

How do we know when we are doing something right?
How do we feel when we do the right thing?
How do we feel when we do something that is not allowed?

Talk about making choices in our lives. Each of us can think for ourselves and make our own decisions. Explore with the children ways of decision making that will help them choose the right thing, choosing examples from their everyday life.

Finally, when you break the rules there are consequences.

Check out the Adam & Eve Kids Jigsaw Puzzle! Following the rules and resisting temptation are the morals of the story of Adam & Eve. This 30-piece wooden religious jigsaw puzzle is beautiful and promotes faith-learning fun! The colorful illustrations, narrative text and reference notes are a great introduction to this Bible story.

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