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Early Child Development

When looking at the stages of child development, parents must remember that each child is unique and progresses at his or her own pace. It is important to be aware of the developmental milestones but to only use them as a guideline. If your gut feeling tells you that something is just not right, then follow up on it. Speak to your pediatrician and your child's educator.

You must remember that there is a range for each early child development stage. The key word in all this is "development" and it should not be confused with "achievement" or "accomplishment." Each child develops differently. I have children in class that have great fine motor skills but are lacking in their social/emotional development.

From a teacher's perspective, as long as a child is within the range of development and they are showing progress over time there is no need for alarm. A red light should light up if your child is not showing any progress and s/he remains static.

The Stages of Child Development Are: 

Gross Motor Development - Find out ways to help your child develop their large muscles -Gross motor Activities for Preschoolers.

Fine motor Development - Simple activities that will help develop the small muscles -Fine Motor Activities.

Cognitive development - Games and ideas that will develop your child's ability to think and problem solve - Cognitive Learning.

Language development - Lots of games to develop language skills, vocabulary and listening skills - Preschool Language Activities.

Social/Emotional development - Learn more about your child's emotinal level and how to help them in social situations - Early Childhood Emotional Development.

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