Quality Preschool Lesson Plans for 
Your Classroom or Your Home

Preschool lesson plans are a key ingredient for success in the classroom. By taking the time to write great early childhood lesson plans you will:

  1. Have a direction in your teaching and clear goals.
  2. Have a calmer classroom environment.
  3. Have time to support the children's learning.

For my free early childhood lesson plans below, I use a method called Backward Design. I approach each lesson by trying to answer the question: "What concepts do I want the children to learn?" Once I have a list of key concepts/values I think about the essential questions that are related to the main concepts.

The big idea and the essential questions are my guide to planning classroom activities making sure that each activity helps reinforce the concepts and questions.

Before I begin my planning I make sure I have:

  1. Copies of my favorite lesson plans books for reference and brainstorming ideas.

  2. Blank copies of my favorite preschool lesson plans templates

Free Early childhood Lesson Plans:

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