October Bulletin Boards 
Fall, Colors, Halloween and 
Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

October bulletin boards change quickly. There are so many exciting themes to teach the children and explore together. Beginning with the change of season to Fall along with learning about colors we move on to Halloween and some Thanksgiving bulletin boards.

The preschool bulletin board ideas on this page were created by myself and my colleagues.

The October bulletin boards on this page were created by myself and my colleagues.

You can also check out my lesson plans section to find the lesson plans that go along with these beautiful bulletin boards.



Halloween and Thanksgiving


Fall leaves decorated by the children

Autumn Word wall - A great way to introduce children to writing

Fall and colorful leaves

Fall trees (2D and 3D) made by the children

Fall trees made out of plasticine

Painting Fall trees

Fall trees made out of little hands..


Exploring colors through observations and experimentation.

My son's teacher shared the children's favorite color with the rest of the group.

Halloween and Thanksgiving:

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