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My Short Rhyming Games Poem Rhyming is fun, I am not a very good rhymer - I am a much better climber! So let me write it simply without making it too deeply. This is all you need to rhyme with your kid.

Begin with words you create. This is one of the first rhyming games to play with your child. It is similar to the name game song.

Make your child aware of how words end and which ones rhyme. I began with Eytan, Baytan, Shmaytan. Before you know it, he began coming up with rhymes of his own, such as: Kite, flight, might.

Once your child understands the big idea behind rhyming you can continue with these fun rhyming games:

My Dad Came Back
Teach your child this little rhyming song and get them to help you rhyme some more.

My dad came back
from Bermuda.
And he brought me back
a little Buddha.
My mom came back
from New York City
And she brought me
a little kitty.
Seatle... toy rattle
Farm... with a broken arm
town...clown, gown,brown

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Rhyming Clues
This is a fun clue game that is a little more advanced.
Give your child a clue:
Something that you eat on and it rhymes with sable...
This animals rhymes with fat...
This animal rhymes with log...

Thumbs Up!
Say three words and if they rhyme it's a thumbs up, if they don't it's thumbs down. This game is a great way to develop your child's listening skills. Here are some examples of words you can use: hat, mat, cat. dad, glad, mommy.

Rhyming Sentences
Create sentences and emphasize the words that rhyme. If I only had a DIME I could make a better RHYME. The barn is RED my mommy SAID My HEAD is NED sound a little bit like Hop on Pop or other books by Dr. Seuss??

Rhyme My Name
Try to rhyme names of people you know with real words instead of made up ones.

Rhyming Songs
Songs such as "Down By the Bay" and "The Ants Go Marching" incorporate simple rhyming words: one - Fun, two - shoe, three - tree, and so on. Point out those rhyming words to your child. For more rhyming songs, check out my Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes Section.

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