Preschool Handwriting Practice for Kids

Handwriting practice is part of the pre-requisites for entering Kindergarten. Children are expected to write their names and most of the alphabet.

The simple way to improve your child's handwriting is through practice! Like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. In reality, though, not all children are interested in writing, coloring or cutting. It may feel like a chore to them since they haven't developed their fine motor skills. If this sounds like your child, I suggest simply working on their fine motor skills in different ways while still exposing them to paper and pencil tasks.

Before you begin handwriting practice, here are some must have items that will keep your child's motivation high and frustration low:

  1. Proper size furniture - When your child is sitting, the table needs to be at waist height and the child's feet should reach the floor. For proper posture, their shoulders need to be over the waist and their knees over their feet.
  1. Small size pencils or crayons - Broken crayons are better than brand new long ones. Same goes for pencils. Children's little hands can control smaller objects better than long ones. Imagine yourself writing with a thick long chopstick.
  1. Pencil Grips - These are not a must but can be useful for beginner writers.
preschool writing

Helpful Tips:

  1. Tilt the writing surface by placing a 3 inch binder underneath the paper. This tilt will make it easier for your child.
  1. Do not use thick crayons or markers.
  1. Crayons are better than markers. When coloring with crayons, your child has to apply some pressure and force. This helps develop their fine motor skills.

Proper Pencil Grip

Use the 'Birdy' method to explain to your child how to hold the pencil properly.

  1. Put the tips of your thumb and index finger together (like a birdy).
  1. Hold the pencil between those two fingers.
  1. Place your middle finger below the pencil for support.
  1. Rest the top of the pencil on the top of your hand.

Here is a picture for all the visual learners out there:

preschool writing

I divided handwriting practice to three main sub categories:

Practice Activities - Fun and easy activities that will help your child develop a love of writing.

Alphabet Worksheets - Practice your letter writing with these child friendly worksheets.

Alphabet Coloring Pages - Connecting the beginning sounds of each letter to a picture makes it meaningful and enjoyable.

You can also reinforce their letter recognition while teaching your child how to write their letters.

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