Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
Free Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

It must be one of mother goose nursery rhymes if it passes the test of time. Have you met a person who doesn't have a favorite mother goose nursery rhyme? I haven't.

What is it about those little short poems that capture our hearts as children and remain with us our whole life?

The magic of these nursery rhymes lies in their ability to:

* Relate to children's experiences. In Eytan's preschool the teachers always tell the kids: "Hold on to the railing, so you wont fall like Jack and Jill."

* Develop children's sense of humor.

* Sharpen children's creativity and imagination. Have you ever seen a cow jump over the moon? I rest my case.

While singing these fun nursery rhymes with your child you might not realize that:

* You are actually helping children develop their vocabulary in two ways: Increasing their word knowledge and teaching them more complex richer vocabulary. It's been proven that children with strong language skills will do better at reading.

* Introducing them to rhyming. A key element in letter sound recognition.

* You are sharpening their sense of hearing. A fundamental element in mathematics.

I will be the first to admit (and surely many will follow), that I can not carry a tune and that, I have a HORRIBLE voice. Luckily my audience (my kids in class and at home) is not judgemental. I sing with them as often as I can and they enjoy it because I enjoy it.

So do not be afraid, warm up your voices and let's sing!!

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