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Colors and Shapes

This page has great free preschool lesson plans focusing on the topic of Colors and Shapes.

The Big Picture - Concepts and Values

All things in our world have a shape and a color. The two main ideas behind this lesson plan are:

1. The classroom as a teacher - These activities can be done by making simple changes in the classroom.

2. Exploring our environment - Children are natural explorers. Guide them by shedding light on various shapes that they see on a daily basis. (stop sign, a cup, the carpet)

Essential Questions

1. What colors do you see around you?

2. What shapes do you recognize around you?

Free Preschool Lesson Plans on Colors and Shapes

Colors and Shapes

Math Center

Sorting Game: Sort various items by their color and than by their shapes.

I have a page dedicated to teaching preschoolers about math shapes.


Word wall colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, white. Write each word with the corresponding color it represent for an easy recollection.

Word wall shapes: triangle, rectangle, square, circle. Draw each shape and write it's name inside the drawing. Cut out your drawings and place them at an eye level with the children.

Home Connection

In your newsletter, explain the theme and inform the parents that everyday in class you will focus on a specific color. Ask the parents to send the children wearing the color of the day.

Monday - Red
Tuesday - Blue
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Purple (Red and Blue)
Friday - Green (Yellow and Blue)
Monday - Orange (Red and Yellow)
Tuesday - Brown
Wednesday - Black
Thursday - White
Friday - Rainbow

Based on the color of the day, sort the toys and only take out toys in that color. Do the same in the art center, painting, creative center and even choose your snack based on the color of the day.

The children love that each color has a special day and you can feel the celebration in the air.

Music and Movement

Add these colorful scarves to allow the children ways of playing with colors through music and movement.

Fine Motor Center

Colorful Coffee Paper Filter:

You will need:

1. Food coloring mixed with water in small bowls

2. Droppers

3. Coffee Paper filters

Using the droppers have the children place water drops on the coffee filter paper.

Beading: Can you make a bracelet using only one color of beads?

Pom Pom Sorting: Sort pom pom balls by color using tweezers and thongs to pick them up.

Art Center

Add these items for open ended activities:

1. Cut outs of various shapes

2. Color paper

3. Water colors

4. Paint

5. Play dough corresponding to the color of the day.

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