Fall Lesson Plans for Preschoolers

The ideal lesson plans for preschoolers for the theme of fall should include lots of nature walks and observations of the world around us. Use this time of year to explore the sounds, smells and appearance of nature as our world is world transforming and getting ready for winter.

Big Ideas, Concepts and Values

1. Everything living has a cycle.

2. The world around us is changing. The trees, the animals.

3. Seasons change and so do we.

4. Harvest time brings us many gifts from the earth.

Essential Questions

1. What are the changes we notice outside?

2. How do people, animals and plants change with the new season?

3. What are some of the outdoor activities we can do in the fall?

4. What can we prepare with the produce from the earth?

Trip to the Market

Visit the local market. Here are some activities you can do prior to the trip:


1. What will we see at the market?

2. Prepare a shopping list for the market.

3. What should we buy?

Prepare a vegetable soup with the products purchased at the market.

Trip to the Market


Take out fall colors and encourage the children to pain a fall scene. Paining while standing in front of an aisle helps develop gross motor activity in children.


Acorn Painting

Dip the acorns in the paint and paint on the construction paper.

Me in the Fall

A drawing of the child doing their favorite fall activity. Take a moment and record on the paper the child's story about the picture. A simple way to assess language development.

Weather Wheel

Great way to teach children weather vocabulary as well as time words such as yesterday, today and tomorrow. Earlier, now and later.

Weather Wheel

My Hand as a Tree

Trace the child's hand and let them turn it into a tree in the fall. A great way to capture those little hands.

Leaf Rubbing

Place the leaves underneath the paper and rub with crayons or pastels over the paper.

Leaf Rubbing

Plasticine Tree

This activity is great for fine motor development.

Plasticine Tree

Leafy Bird

Glue the leaves you collected on your nature walk in a form that will create a bird, a person, a bunny and so on.

Leafy Bird

Window Decorations


Leaves in all colors and sizes
Mac tac paper


Place the leaves on the sticky part of the mac-tac paper.

Cover it with another mac-tac paper for a mobile or place it directly on the window for window decoration.

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