Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Having age appropriate chores is the key element when creating a chores list in your home. Remember that you are taking the time to teach children the importance of sharing household responsibilities and the meaning of living in a community. In almost all cases children have chores so they will learn these valuable life lessons and not because their help is actually needed.

Top 10 Chores for Preschoolers

1. Setting the table for dinner

2. Clearing the table after dinner

3. Putting away toys

4. Putting away groceries

5. Putting away toothbrushes and towels

6. Putting away dirty clothes

7. Sorting and folding clean clothes

8. Making their beds

9. Feeding pets

10. Watering plants

I believe that children in their preschool years should have up to four household responsibilities.

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Setting the Table for Dinner

I bought a place mat and drew the places of where the cup, cutlery and plate go on it.

Setting the Table for Dinner

It is our son’s responsibility to use the place mat as a reference when he sets the table. First, it makes setting the table a fun activity and second, it allows him to set the table independently without asking "where does the knife go?

The table place setting works well but not every single time. When he is not in the mood to help and avoids his chore my answer is:

"When you will finish setting the table, we will be able to it." It is one of those natural consequences.

You might say why bother? It is faster when I do things myself. The point is not to get things done faster but to take the time and teach children that their contribution counts. That we (as parents and as a society) depend on them. Together we are a team and any contribution big or small is necessary for the next step to take place.

Here is a simple yet great commercial that shows this beautifully:

Putting Away Toys

The key is to label every toy space. Tell your child that everything has a home. Second, stick to your rules and give your child a logical consequence if they do not respect the clean up rule.

Putting Away Toys

Once your child is well aware of your expectations help them by showing them that clean up can be a fun activity. Sing a song and make a game out of it. Here is a cute video about the FUN theory:

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