My Interviews with Child Development Experts

I am always excited whenever I get to interview a child development expert. Tapping on their specialized knowledge and vast experience is a sure way of becoming a better parent and teacher.

I choose who I interview based on whether their field of expertise is able to benefit children and their caretakers, and whether they're the best in the business. Then it's a matter of asking them the right questions and getting answers to what frets parents and teachers most. I will also like to take the chance to thank all my interviewees for taking the time to answer my many questions.

Ever wondered how a speech pathologist or child psychologist can help you and your child? Then please check my interview with the child care experts below:

Dr. Miri Arie, Child Psychologist - Building Social Skills

Dr. Miri Arie, Child Psychologist

Interview with Dr. Miri Arie, child psychologist and child development expert who specializes in teaching social skills.

Isaac Sachs, Daycare Author - The Universal Daycare System

Issac Sachs, Daycare Author

Interview with daycare owner and author of the book "The Universal Daycare System" Mr. Isaac Sachs.

Megan Wong, Daycare Director - Teaching Creative Thinking

Megan Wong, Daycare Director

Interview with Megan Wong, school director and teacher on how to inspire creative thinking in young children.

John Lanza, Kids and Money Expert - Teaching Kids Money

John Lanza, Kids and Money Expert

Interview with John Lanza, creator of "The Money Mammals", an educational DVD that teaches young children how to save, share and spend smart.

Eric Sailers, Speech Pathologist - Developing Language Skills

Eric Sailers, Speech Pathologist

Interview with Eric Sailers, speech and language pathologist. Learn how he uses technology such as the iTouch as a teaching tool.

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