Bible Crafts for Preschoolers
The Gifts of Cain and Abel

These bible crafts for preschoolers focus on comparing the gifts Cain and Abel presented before God. Use this bible craft for children as an opportunity to practice sorting.

Read the story of Cain and Abel to refresh your memory and review some discussion points.

Good Fruit, Bad Fruit Baskets


Construction papers (any colors).
Crayons or markers
Hole puncher


When creating the baskets, you can simplify by giving each child small squares to glue on the basket. If you would like to give children a challenge than use strips of paper for weaving.

1. Create the baskets (choice between weaving or gluing squares)

2. Glue the baskets on opposites sides of the paper.

3. Color the fruits.

4. Cut the fruits

5. Sort the fruits and glue them in the baskets.

6. Hole punch the paper, pull the string and hang the mobile.

The Good Fruit - Weaving Technique

Cain and Abel Arts and Crafts

The Bad Fruit - Gluing Squares Technique

Cain and Abel Arts and Crafts 2
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