Simple Water Experiments for Preschoolers

Sink and float is a very popular way for young children to experiment with water. Water is essential for all life on earth. Without it, no plant or animal is able to survive. In this section, I have included everything preschoolers need to know about water, as well as some simple experiments for them to perform.

1. Water Can Change Forms

Depending on temperature, water can turn from liquid to solid ice and from liquid to steam (gas).

Water Experiments for Kids

Turn water into ice cubes - Let the children touch the water as a liquid. Is it cold? wet? dry? What does it feel like as ice? Compare the two. Boil water - Put a pot cover over a boiling water pot. Remove the cover and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Notice how it has water drops on it? The steam turned to liquid again.

2. Water Can Change Shapes

Depending on temperature, water can turn from liquid to solid (ice) and from liquid to gas (steam). Since water is a liquid it takes the form of whatever object it is in.

Water Experiments for Kids

Glasses and Water - Take a variety of glasses (shapes and sizes). Place the same amount of water in each. Ask the children which glass has more? Pour one glass at a time into a measuring cup and show the children that all glasses had the same quantity of water.

3. Some Objects Float on Water While Others Sink

Let children experiment and have fun at this one! Fill up a small water tank and have them drop a variety of items into the water. Recommended items include coins, wood, rocks, leaves, paper and every toys. Ask them to spot any similarities between objects that float and those that sink.

4. Water Flows

Did you know that water always flows to the lowest point available? This is why we have puddles and why all rivers flow to the sea.

5. Water Sticks to Itself

Use wax paper to show children how a drop of water stays together like a ball.

Water Experiments for Kids

1. Put a sheet of wax paper under the faucet. Remove it. Is the wax paper wet? NO! The wax on the paper does not let the paper absorb the water.

2. Put a couple of drops on the wax paper. Can you roll them off?

6. Water Sticks to Other Objects

Does water stick to you? It actually does! That's why your fingers are all wrinkled when you soak in a bath. Use a regular piece of paper to teach the children how water sticks together.

Water Experiments for Kids

1. Fill a cup with water.

2. Place one end of the strip of paper inside the water and hold the other end.

3. The water travels up the paper because it sticks to it!

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