Games for Preschoolers
Dinner Table Games

Play these games for preschoolers during your meal times. We play these dinner table games during out family supper time and I find that they help create quality family time our of every meal and keep the conversation flowing.

My Favorite Part of the Day

Taking turns each person around the table shares their best part of the day. It is a great way to discover what you child enjoyed and learned in school that day. Some families also add "My least favorite part of the day was..."

True or False

One person tells a story and when they end everyone else has to guess if the story was true or false.

Who or What am I?

One person thinks of being someone or something else. Everyone else asks yes or no questions until they solve the mystery. Looking for more fun games? I highly recommend the ones below. They also makes for a great gifts.

I found this video that explains in simple terms the importance of dinner time. It contains timeless advice that rings true in any era and culture:

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