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Over the years I collected these preschool math games for kids while helping my students develop the analytical side of their brain and exposing them to the world of math.

By the end of preschool, a child should be familiar with concepts such as patterns, shapes, numbers, and measurements. The vocabulary they acquire during the early years are the building blocks for good mathematical understanding later on.

Even if math was never your strongest subject at school, you will still find it fun to play these preschool math games with your kids.

Measurement Activities for Kids

Measurements are all around us. In our daily lives we measure weight, length, speed, temperature and time, just to name a few. Part of the preschool math program is dedicated to learning how to measure. There are simple ways to integrate measurement activities throughout the day.

Keep in mind the following measurements:

Length: Longer, shorter, tall, short

Distance: Near, far, close to, far from

Weight: Heavy, light, heavier, lighter

Quantity: Greater than, less than, more, few, same as

Size: Big, small, bigger than, smaller than

Time: Yesterday, today, tomorrow, earlier, later, on time, the days of the week, the months of the year

Long and Short

Compare different objects around the house. Which is taller, which is shorter? How about at the grocery store? Which bottle of ketchup is taller?

Weight of Things

Let your child be a human scale. Ask them to hold one item in each hand. Which is heavier? Is the larger item always the heavier one?? For example, compare a roll of paper towels to a full water bottle, or a bag full of pennies to a large bag of socks.

Volume Games

Compare drinking glasses to one another. Which one holds more liquid? The tall one or the short one? Get your child to predict. Do the same for bowls, pots, etc. more?

Penny for Good Luck

Get your child to sort pennies, nickels and dimes. Try limiting yourself to ten of each coin. Have the child count how many of each they have. Which coin has the most? The least? The same?

Larger or Smaller?

Use simple items such as crayons or Lego blocks to measure different items around the house or classroom. Is the book larger, smaller, or the same size as the Lego block? How about your child's body parts? Is your hand larger or smaller than the crayon?

How Long is It?

Using wooden blocks or small Lego pieces, get your child to measure different objects and say: "This box is 7 blocks long."

Ball Hunt

This is a fun preschool math game and your child won't even notice he's learning. Hide a ball somewhere in the house, then describe to your child where you hid the ball using words such as close to and far from. For example: "The ball is close to a place where we sit, but far from the door."

Count Down

How many days until my birthday? Make a chart as an easy way to measure time and introduce your child to concepts such as weeks and months.

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