Social Skills Activities for Preschoolers

The main component of social skills activities and games is YOU! Children learn social skills from the adults around them. Model the correct behavior in different social situations and you will be well on your way to teaching children acceptable social behaviors in a society.

Social Skills Games for Kindergarten

Mary Had a Little Lamb

A Sing Along Social Skills Activity

1. Sing this Mother Goose song

2. Choose a child

3. Ask the children to choose any attributes that child has.

4. Sing the song replacing the words "Mary" and "lamb" and the last line of the song.

Noah has great ideas, great ideas, great ideas.
Noah has great ideas and we love to play with him.

Social Skill: Awareness of Others


An Interactive Social Skills Game

Invite one child to put their head on the table and cover their eyes. Invite a second child to come and 'knock-knock' (tap) the first child's back and say: "Knock, Knock. who am I? What is my name? Encourage the child to change their voice. The first child needs to guess who is knocking on their back.

Social Skills: Listening Skills

Introductions Game

An Interactive Social Skills Game

Sit in a circle time position on the floor. One child begins this game. They need to say their name and introduce the person sitting next to them.

Example: Hello, my name is Charlie and this is my friend Jessica. Jessica continues the game: Hello, my name is Jessica and this is my friend Ruby.

Social Skills: Manners

Social Skills Activities

Interview Game

Sit the children in a circle time position on the floor. Begin by asking the first child:

"What is your name? What is your favorite activity in class?"

The child may reply:

"My name is Jeff and I like building with blocks."

The child next to them needs to repeat what Jeff said and add their own comment.


Jeff - "My name is Jeff and I like building with blocks."

Rob - "His name is Jeff and he likes building. My name is Rob and I like recess."

Robin - "His name is Rob and he like recess. My name is Robin and I like library time."

Social Skills: Listening Skills, Conversation Skills

Mirror Game

Ask the children to find a partner. One child remains him/herself and the other child is their reflection in the mirror. When the child raises his/her hands, 'their' reflection does the same.

Social Skills: Positive Interaction with Others

Puppets Game

Ask the children to find a partner. One child is the puppet and the other child is the puppeteer. The puppet needs to do whatever the master asks of him/her.

Example: Stump your feet. Clap your hands. Reach to the sky. Shout Hurray!

Social Skills: Positive interaction with Others

He Said, She Said

I like to play this game with the kids in class. I ask them a general question such as:

"What was your favorite part of the day today?"

I begin by letting the first child answer the question. The next child that follows needs to repeat what the first child said.

For Example:

Teacher - "What was your favorite part of the day?"

Lucy - " I liked coloring and tracing."

Teacher - Ashley, what was Lucy's favorite part of the day?

Ashley - " Lucy liked coloring and tracing."

Social Skills: Listening Skills, Impulse Control

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