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How do I maintain classroom discipline? This is a question I get asked so often. Being a preschool teachers for years, let me share my tips and techniques on how to create a calm and safe learning environment in your classroom.

First thing is realize that each group of children has its own dynamics and is unique. What might have worked in the past might not work with your current group.

Daily Schedule

Children need to be aware of the daily schedule. Have it displayed clearly at their eye level. Use words and pictures. Reducing the element of surprise keeps them calmer.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Any experienced teacher will tell you this is the KEY!!! From the first day of school set up your routines.

Be Consistent

Do not change the rules from one day to the next or from one child to the other.

Create Smooth Transitions

Use transition songs. Give enough warnings: "In two minutes it is clean up time."

Keep Them Busy

Children tend to go wild when they have nothing to do. Wondering around aimlessly only leads to silliness. Prepare engaging activities, have an assortment of books, puzzles and a variety of toys. Not all children should be doing the same thing at the same time.

Classroom Discipline Success

The benefit of a well managed classroom is that when children are calm and busy you will have the time to:

1. Work one on one with children in need.
2. Observe the children and take notes.

Sign of success is when a teacher can step away from the classroom and the children will remain happily playing and actively engaged.

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