Top 10 Best Teacher Gifts

The results are in for best teacher gifts of all times! In no particular order here is a list of unique teacher gifts that most teachers are bound to appreciate.

This is a list for popular teacher gifts that you can buy for $5 to $25. If you prefer not to buy presents, you can check out my pages for DIY gifts and home-baked goodies instead.

If you're pressed for time or you're not sure what the teacher likes, an Amazon gift card is always my first choice since they literally sell everything these days. It also helps that their gift card comes in different designs and is packaged with an elegant gift box.

Book Store Gift Cards

1. Book Store Gift Cards

Always a great place for teachers to spend money in. Whether it's for themselves or for their students, teachers always find themselves in need of more books and stationery.

If you're shopping for gift cards, Amazon and Barnes and Noble are the two big names to go for.

Movie Passes

2. Movie Passes

For some people going to AMC Theaters is a treat. The extra comfy seats, the large screen and the amazing surround sound. Thank your child's teachers by treating them to a world class movie experience.

Shopping Gift Cards

3. Shopping Gift Cards

This gift is a favorite (especially among female teachers like myself). Many shopping malls now have gift cards. Having access to a variety of stores is the ideal present.

4. Chocolates and Candies

Yummy chocolates and sweets make for a delicious present that teachers can share with one another.

Personally I find that the Ferrero Collection 12 Count (shown in the image on the left) to be a presentable yet cheap teacher gift while the Ferrero Rocher Gift Box contains 18 chocolates wrapped in a stunning gold gift box.

5. Food Baskets

This is another one of my personal favorite. Tidbits, nuts, fruits, cookies or even smoked meats - Choose one with your favorite presentation and food. They tend to cost more ($20 to $50) so I often shop on Amazon for savings.

6. Starbucks Gift Cards

Teachers love their coffee (or tea). Giving a Starbucks Gift Card is a no-brainer gift.

A coffee or tea gift set would be even better if you have a larger budget and prefer something with a personal touch.

7. Wine

Wine is good in any occasion including teacher appreciation.

When gifting alcohol to teachers, I would highly recommend either red wine or white wine. It's best to avoid giving them beer or hard liquor unless you know their taste well.

8. Spa Gift Cards

Sounds expensive, I know, but it doesn't have to be. You can either get together with a few other families or you can give what you are comfortable with and let the teacher choose the type of treatment they want to put it towards.

9. Restaurant Gift Cards

A great way to help teachers celebrate with friends and family.

10. Amazon Gift Cards

Talk about an all-in-one gift card that everyone can appreciate. Whether your teacher likes shopping, dining or shopping, this card will be able to indulge them. Another big reason I prefer Amazon gift cards over others is the classy gift box that comes with it.

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