Children's Books for Starting Kindergarten

Going to school is a big step for all children. Get them ready and excited for school with these best books for starting kindergarten.

Books and stories are an excellent way to bring forth issues, thoughts and concerns. With the help of books you can discuss with your child about their feeling on starting school.

While some children are excited to go back to school, others are nervous and scared.

" What are my teacher like?"

"Will I have any new friends?"

The above are just some of the thoughts that might be crossing your child's mind. All these emotions revolving around the topic of 'Starting School' are natural.

As a parent, the best thing you can do is to use words to describe to your child how they are feeling and give them some tools that will help them ease the transition.

For example: "I see that you are feeling nervous about going to school tomorrow. When I feel nervous I take deep breathes and that helps me calm down."

Another great tip is letting your child know the time you will be picking them up.

For example: "I will be here right after lunch time." Make sure that you are always on time.

As a teacher, showing the child the schedule of the day and the time mommy or daddy are coming to get them calms children down. We also like to have family photos around the classroom so in case a child misses their family they can be comforted by the photo.

I like to read the following books during the first weeks of school. In my mind, these are the best books for starting kindergarten. They show kids what to expect in school, and paint preschool in a bright colorful light, making them look forward to school:

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