Bible Craft for Kids
Jacob's Ladder

Creating bible crafts for kids can be as easy as introducing children to Black Magic. I remember when I was still a child and discovered for the first time this art style. What I loved the most about it was that whenever I made a mistake, I was easily able to 'erase' with the black pastel and, then, try again.

Jacob's Ladder Arts and Crafts

Since the story of Jacob's Ladder is about a dream that takes place overnight, I thought the previous technique will be well suited.

Read the story of Jacob's Ladder to refresh your memory and review some discussion points.


White paper
Different colored pastels (black in a must)
Sharp-edged instrument (such as a tooth-pick)


1. Color the paper with the pastels.

Jacob Ladder Art

2. Cover the pastel colors with the black colored pastel.

Jacobs Ladder Art 2

3. Etch your design with the tooth-pick.

Jacobs Ladder Art 3
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