Astronomy for Kids
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Astronomy for kids is a great way to explore outer space with you child while developing their imagination, critical thinking, fine motor skills, vocabulary and math skills.

Learning about the solar system, outer space planets and space crafts might not be exciting for everyone. Even though I have always been passionate and curious about space, I waited until my son showed interest in the topic and only than we began our exploration and learning together. Remember to always keep it meaningful and authentic.

In this section you will find everything from space science experiments, art activities, information about the solar system, space travel and more.

Kids! Are You Ready to Explore Outer Space?

Hop on board your favourite space craft, fasten your seat belts and let the count down begin:


Blast Off!

Your exciting journey to outer space has begun. Feel free to explore all of the space-related topics below. Don't forget your space suit and snacks!

Solar System
Our Solar System: Outer Space Planets

A great place to start your journey is by learning interesting facts about the planets, comets and asteroids in our Solar System.

Zooming Around: Space Crafts

Next on your outer space adventure, learn about how astronauts get around while they are in space. Do you have a large cardboard box at home? Perfect! Turn it into your own space shuttle.

Arts and Crafts: Preschool Outer Space

It is now time to get messy and apply all your learning with these easy activities and experiments that will help develop your child's skills.

To Infinity and Beyond: Outer Space Toys

Continue expanding your child’s learning with these Awesome and Affordable (my double AA rating) toys, puzzles, rocket bedding, glow in the dark stars and more... In this case the sky is truly the limit.

Bonus: Interview with a Real Astronaut

Marc Garneau - This extremely kind and approachable Canadian astronaut was willing to be interviewed by a five year old aspiring space explorer.

Mission Complete! The last stop at your astronomy for kids adventure is to name a star!

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