Bible Activities
Noah and the Ark

There are many bible activities you can create when teaching children the story of Noah and the ark. Some activities require preparations but other are as simple as taking out a construction toy and giving the children a little direction.

Noah's Ark Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers

Before you begin take the time to read the story of Noah's Ark and review the recommended discussion points.

Making an Ark

I found two simple ways to create the ark. I wanted to make it interactive so children will be able to play with the animals. The first picture shows the ark out of a brown paper bag. Simply cut the bag, let the children decorate it and staple it. The second picture show the ark out of a paper plate. Paint or color the plate, cut it in the middle and after staple the edges.

Paper Bag Ark
Paper Plate Ark

Blocks and Puppets

Recreate the story by building the ark and playing with puppets. A great activity for the kinesthetic learner.

Water Play

At the water table you can bring a toy ark and let the children play or take it a step further and do a 'sink and float' experiment with the children.

Creative Center

Turn a the creative center into the ark with animal dress up clothes and a cane for Noah. Discuss diversity on the ark and getting along.

Making a Rainbow

Divide the children into groups by the colors of the rainbow. Each group has to work as a team to color their part of the rainbow. You can also make this a collage by cutting color pictures from magazines and gluing them on the paper.

Making a Rainbow
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