Bible Crafts for Preschool
The Tower of Babylon

This bible crafts for preschool children is based on the idea of Jimmie Cricket from Pinocchio. In the story the little cricket is Pinocchio's consciousness. One of the key elements in the story of the tower of Babylon is that living with out an internal belief in a greater power is similar to living without a consciousness. Our conscious is our inner voice that helps us decide between right and wrong.

The Tower of Babel Arts and Crafts

Before you begin take the time to read the story of the Tower of Babylon - Origin of Languages and review the recommended discussion points.


Googly eyes
Pipe cleaner
Pompom ball
Red felt


1. Glue the eyes and the mouth on the pompom.

2. Attach the pompom to the clothespin by wrapping the pipe cleaner around it.

Tower of Babylon Art

3. Attach the finished product to the child's shirt.

Tower of Babylon Art 2
Tower of Babylon Art 3

Ask the child to name their little friend and tell them that they will help them make good choices.

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