Child Discipline Methods

We all look for some great preschool parenting tips that will help us direct our child and help us raise proper citizens of our world. It is not an easy task to do and sometimes we might feel that we are failing at it. Over the years I have collected a few tricks on how to discipline young children while keeping their dignity intact.

Discipline Methods for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Discipline methods in the 'not so long ago days' consisted of punishing children, sending them to their rooms and giving them time outs. Think about it, do any of these preschool discipline methods teach young children important life lessons? The answer is plain and simple: NO!

Natural and logical consequences are considered preschool parenting progressive methods to discipline young children and help them make good choices.

When you send a child to their room to "think about what they did." They are most likely not thinking about anything and are just passing the time until their are allowed out. By taking the time and teaching them that there are consequences for their actions the lesson becomes personal and meaningful.

Natural Consequences

Natural consequences are the natural results that occur based on certain behaviors.


* When your child does not what to put on their jacket they risk being cold.

* A child who does not eat his supper risks going to bed hungry.

Personal Example:

My son likes to take his stuffed animals (Bear and Duckie) to school. On the first day he forgot them at home. He was angry and upset and wanted us to go back home to get them. I refused and told him it is his responsibility and he will have to learn to remember them.

On the second day he forgot them again. He was, again, angry and upset over it. We discussed his choices and came up with a plan that he needs to put them by the door. On the third morning he woke up and the first thing he did was put Duckie and Bear by the door.

If I would have gone back home on the first day, this valuable teaching moment about responsibility would have been lost.

Discipline Methods for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Logical Consequences


* When a toy is not put away, it is taken away for a limited amount of time.

Tips for Logical Consequences:

1. Be clear with your expectations and the consequences for not fulfilling it. "If you do not clean up your Lego, I will take it away for three days."

2. Act as a scaffold and help your child make good choices. At first help your child clean up their toys. Show them how to turn a tedious chore into a fun activity. Encourage them to make a good choice and congratulate them when they do.

3. Do not bend over. Keep your word. If the consequence was to take a toy away, do it.

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