Children's Bible Stories
Jacob's Dream

The following is one of the many children's bible stories about Jacob. He is Joseph's father and there is a lot a preschooler can learn from his life.

Jacob's Dream Bible Story for Kids

After receiving the blessing of the first born from his father Isaac, Jacob leaves his home and travels to see his uncle Lavan. On his way to Haran, Jacob has a dream in which he sees a ladder reaching the sky whereupon the Lord's angels travel from the heavens to the earth. God speaks to Jacob, telling him:

"I am God of Abraham and Isaac, I will always be by your side and protect you. I will give you many children, like the grains of sand on a beach. The land that you are lying on now will belong to you and your children."

Upon waking up, Jacob pledges to remain faithful to God until the end of days.

Jacob eventually reaches Haran and immediately falls in love with Rachel at very first sight of her. He asks Lavan, Rachel's father, for her hand in marriage, to which Lavan readily agrees with the condition that Jacob were to work as Lavan's shepherd for seven years.

On the long awaited wedding night, Lavan tricks Jacob and gives him Leah (Rachel's older sister) as his bride instead of Rachel. Jacob then works for another seven years in hopes of marrying Rachel. Finally, Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, as well as two of Rachel and Leah's maids who are also wedded to Jacob, have twelve sons and one daughter.

Preschool Discussion Questions

1. God finds ways to speak to us all, just as he managed to speak to Jacob through a dream. Do you ever remember a time that God spoke to you?

2. God promised Jacob that he will have many children. Did God keep his promise?

3. Jacob also made a promise. What was Jacob's promise?

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