September Bulletin Boards
New Beginnings, All About Me, Me and My Family

Preschool bulletin board ideas that are displayed in the beginning of the year share a common themes of: "Welcome Back". The month of September is all about new beginnings, getting to know one another and the classroom routine.

The September bulletin boards on this page were created by myself and my colleagues.

You can also check out my lesson plans section to find the lesson plans that go along with these beautiful bulletin boards.

New Beginnings

Create a display of a couple of great books for the beginning of the year.

By choosing a low table just outside the classroom door, this display becomes interactive to both parents and children.

My Top Five Books for New Beginnings

1. Franklin Goes to School - Paulette Bourgeois

2. Franklin's New Friend - Paulette Bourgeois

3. The Kissing Hand - Audrey Penn

4. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten - Joseph Slate

5. Curious George's First Day of School - H.A. Rey

Our Friends in Class

You can either ask the parents to provide a picture of their child or snap a few shots during the first days of school.

I find that having 'action shots' of the children playing, gives the parents a sense of relief and a 'peek' into the classroom.

Informing Parents on Our Progress

Educate parents and get them on board by sharing the various developmental milestones you are focusing on.

An Insight to Our Classroom

What's the day like? Any interesting events happened in the last week? This is a great place to share with parents and for the children to refer back to.

All About Me

Here is a home project where the children had to trace themselves (with help) and recreate themselves on the big paper.

After we learned about ourselves we took a look at our friends and discovered that we all have similarities and differences.

What is your favorite activity in the classroom?

My Family

How many people are in your family?

There are different types of families:

Our Homes

This bulletin board might not look polished but it is authentic to the developmental stage of this age group. Every home was cut up and decorated by the children.

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