Solo Build It! (SBI!)
How to Make Money Working from Home

The internet is filled with work from home business ideas, many seem like a get quick rich schemes. So how do you find the REAL thing among all the fakes? Continue reading and you will find out about how I and many (many) other people make money on the internet using SBI!

Once upon a time (back in 2009) I was less than average internet surfer. I used it as a tool to search for things and to connect with my friends.

Then, on one very important hot August day, a friend of mine introduced me to SBI - Solo Build It!

I watched the promo video and decided to take the risk and invest $300.00 in buying the program. I figured if I learn some working from home business ideas than it is worth it.

My friend was encouraging and promised that I will make my money back by the end of the first year. Being adventures and eager to learn new skills I decided to try it, even if just for fun. Turned out my friend was right, I now make 20 times that amount every year!

This is simply...

Work From Home With SBI!

A dream come true!

I started watching the Action Guide videos and within a couple of days I was hooked. I breathed and thought about building a website all the time (even in my sleep). In the Action Guide you get an explanation of how to build a site that gets the traffic. The formula is simple and logical, I knew I was on the right track.

And here is the final product - Preschools 4 All. A site I am passionate about, I get to develop at my own pace and during my free time and... it provides our family with extra income.

When people hear my story and the stories of other SBIers they have lots of questions...

Frequently Asked Questions About Solo Build It!

What Skills Do I Need to Build a Website?

You need to be able to type on the computer and have some internet skills. If you found this page and you are surfing the net than you can build a website. SBI! has all the tools to support you along the way.

How Much Time Will I Need to Put in?

That answer depends on you. The initial learning curve requires you to spend more time reading the Action Guide and watching the videos. After you build the first few pages you gain confidence and the process is much faster. You can spend anywhere from full days to just a couple of hours a week building your site. Of course there is a direct relation between the two.

How Do I Make Money from My Website?

That answer depends on you. The initial learning curve reqAh, now that is the #1 question. There are many ways you can make money on the internet. I make my money from various monetization techniques.

First, I use Google Ads (the links you see in my pages that say next to them ads by google).

Second, from various affiliate programs such as, Melissa and Doug, Mind Ware and Discount School Supply.

I also have an online store through Zazzle and sell one of a kind products.

Any other ways you can make money on the intenet?


You can write your own e-book and sell it through ClickBank.

You can charge people to have a membership to your site.

The options are as creative as you are.

How Do I Get Started with My Own Website?

Simple - Buy SBI!

Begin by watching or reading the Action Guide, stay motivated and take your time.

Here is one of my favorite SBI! videos:

And my promise to you...

Other than the fact that you will not regreat building your own site, I promise to be there for you. I am not a certified Solo Build It! coach but I have built two websites and made many mistakes in the process. I learned a lot along the way and I am willing to share my knowledge with you.

Isaac Newton once said: "if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

So what are you waiting for?

Visit Solo Build It! Your work from home business ideas are waiting for you to make them come true!

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