Holiday Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

These holiday craft ideas are transferable to a variety of holidays and themes. Keeping with the T.I.M.E. philosophy, these activities promote meaningful experiences for parents and children alike. They help develop self-worth, team work, creativity and independence.

Painting with Candle Wax


Water Colors
Water in a Cup
Painting Paper


1. Draw a picture on the paper using the candles only. (You will not be able to see the picture.)

2. Paint over the pictures with the water colors and... Ta-Da! The picture appears like magic.

Holiday Craft Idea

Making Snowflakes

This is an old activity for many of us but in the eyes of the child seeing it for the first time it is magical.




1. Cut out a circle

2. Fold the circle to into eight folds.

3. Cutout shapes in the center of the paper and all around.

4. Open up the paper - A Snowflake!

Holiday Craft Ideas 2
Holiday Craft Ideas 3
Holiday Craft Ideas 4

Wrapping Paper


Cookie Cutters (in holiday symbol shapes)
Paint (in a variety of colors)
Paint Tray
Large White Painting Paper


1. Dip the cookie cutters in the paint.

2. Stamp the cookie cutters on the paper and let it dry.

In the pictures I used Gingerbread cookie cutters. You can also use Christmas cookie cutters and Hannukah cookie cutters.

Holiday Craft Ideas 5

Hugging Hands


Sentence Strip (or a long paper)
Construction paper


1. Trace your child's hands on the construction paper.

2. Cut out the traced hands.

3. Glue the hands at the ends of sentence strip paper.

4. Write "I Love You" on the sentence strip and decorate it.

Hug your favorite person with these hugging hands.

Holiday Craft Ideas 6
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