April Bulletin Boards

April is the month of Easter bulletin boards, Spring bulletin boards, Passover bulletin boards and Earth Day depending on your faith and your location in this world.

Easter Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards for Easter focus on celebrating new life on earth, Spring.

Using large black canvas, the children painted, cut up and glued their own trees and flowers. Using material instead of paper is a great way to experience and explore the properties of paint on different textures.

Easter Bulletin Board

Visit my Easy Easter Crafts page for Easter nests recipe, unique bunny drawing, Easter egg matching game and more.

The next bulletin board was the final class project after we completed learning about plants with these hands on kids science experiments.

Spring Bulletin Board

Passover Bulletin Boards

Family sitting around the Seder table: (Sorry for the dark image)

Passover Bulletin Board 1

The Jewish people crossing the Red Sea. (Each child made themselves.)

Passover Bulletin Board 2

Visit my Passover Story page where you will find the big ideas, class activities, books and music suggestions.

Earth Day Bulletin Board

We divided the class into groups of four. Each group was responsible for their own quarter of the world. Working in groups is a great was to encourage collaboration, listening, communication and patience.

Each child dictated what they wish for the earth and how we can help make it a better place.

Visit my Earth Day Lesson Plans to learn about other unique earth day activities.

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