Halloween Bulletin Boards for Preschool

It's easy to set up Halloween bulletin boards for kindergarten by transforming kids' creations into your own. Read on to find out how.

Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

While the samples below might not be 'pretty' or 'perfect' they do represent the children's abilities, understanding and ongoing learning. Taking a closer look at this bulletin boards you will notice that:

1. The children used different art mediums from watercolors, paint and color pencils. All of which help develop their fine motor skills.

2. The children were learning about shapes - Shape of a pumpkin, a roof top, a house.

3. The children were developing their expressive language by using descriptive words to explain their creations.

4. The children worked collaboratively on various projects in class.

5. The children implemented their ideas into their work.

As we began brainstorming what we remember from last Halloween, we asked the children to paint (using watercolors) anything they recalled. Below is a sample of their recollection:

Halloween Bulletin Boards

The children painted pumpkins, their house decorated and getting dressed up.

The following is not a traditional bulletin board but rather a class transformation to the theme:

Halloween Bulletin Boards 2

The children did some painting using only the colors of the holiday, orange and black.

Halloween Bulletin Boards 4

The children came to class and spoke about the skeletons they saw hanging outside various homes. Some children were afraid of the skeletons and as a way to address their fears we began exploring our own skeletons. As our learning continued, skeletons we realized, are not scary at all.

Halloween Bulletin Boards 5

A great way to decorate the classroom without taking away from the bulletin board space is by using mobiles. They quickly transform the space, help the creative juices flow and provoke curiosity

As we continue our Halloween exploration the children noticed that more and more houses were turning into Haunted Houses. What is in your Haunted House?

Halloween Bulletin Boards 6
Halloween Bulletin Boards 7
Halloween Bulletin Boards 8

Halloween is also Harvest time... a great opportunity to begin exploring various vegetables, the importance of good nutrition and an appreciation to mother nature.

Using colored pencils, the children were asked to draw their favorite vegetable:

Halloween Bulletin Boards 9
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