Fairy Tale Stories for Preschoolers

Fairy tale stories are a great way to pass on valuable life lessons to your child. When we read beyond the princesses and the knights, the humanized animals and the fiery dragons, these stories helped teach many generations lessons about safety, kindness, forgiveness and more.

Reading Fairy Tale Stories with Kids

Fairy tales help young children in:

1. Developing their imagination

3. Encouraging creative thinking

3. Teaching life lessons.

Focus on the deeper meaning of the stories and engage your child in discussions by asking them questions such as:

* How did this story make you feel?

* What do you think Goldilocks should have done?

* Can you come up with another ending?

Allow the child to 'interrupt' you and evoke the discussion while you are reading. When my sons ask me a question I tend to reply with... "What do you think?"

I believe this helps empower children and develop their personal 'voice'.

Use these stories to teach your child these valuable life lessons:

Don't Judge People by Their Appearance

How Do We Stay Safe and Sound?

Be Yourself and Be the Best You Can Be

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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