Hannukah Crafts for Preschool

Hannukah crafts and art activities based on the holiday symbols: the Chanukiyah, the Candle and the Dreidel.

In case you need a refresher course on the meaning behind the symbols, here is a short description:

Hannukiya - The Hannukiya is a reminder that the small jug of oil lasted for eight days (hense the 8 candles on the Hannukiya). The Shamash is the helper candle and is not counted as part of the eight.

Dreidel - A toy that was created to teach children about the great miracle. The four letters on the dreidel say: Big Miracle Happened There (in Israel it says Here).

Jug of Oil - A small jug was found in the Holy Temple and was believed that it will not last for one day. The oil lasted for eight days.

Hannukah Craft for Toddlers


Hannukah Hannukiya


Construction Paper (different colors)


1. Tear the construction paper into rectangular pieces in a variety of sizes.

2. Glue the pieces to create a Hannukiya.


Hannukah Dreidel


Shiny Paper (cut into squares)
Colorful Background Paper


1. Draw the shape of a dreidel in the middle of the page.

2. Glue the shiny squares of papers inside.


Hannukah Candle


Candles and Matches
Shiny Pastels
Black Construction Paper


1. Cut the shape of a candle out of the construction paper.

2. Light the candle with the matches.

3. Drip the candle wax on the cutout candle.

4. Draw circles with the shiny pastels around the wax dots and color the background.

Dreidel Paint


Paint (in a variety of colors)
Large Paper


1. Dip the dreidel in the paint.

2. Spin the dreidel on the paper.

3. Enjoy making cool designs.

Wrapping Paper

Hannukah Wrapping Paper

Sponges (in the shape of Hannukah symbols)
Paint (in a variety of colors)
Large white paper


1. Dip the sponges in the paint.

2. Print on the large paper.

3. When dry use as wrapping paper.

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