How to Get Started with Preschool Homeschool Curriculum?

by Angela Jones
(United States)

i have a 3 year old that was supposed to start preschool. but he refuses. We are hoping tht once he starts his speech therapy once a week, he will decide to go daily. Not sure what the problem is.. or his fear. I do know he changed his bathroom habits for a month after.. and was very adimit about it.

I just need to know where to start in educating him at home. My 4 year old attends preschool and will be in kindergarden next year.

anyways, my son, i am pretty sure, is add... very hyper.. very demanding.. no changes... but i would like to work on teaching him. where do i start... lol i need a lesson plan.. is there some form of evaluation i can do to know where he is??

an thebehavior i am trying to change the way i do it. as nothing works of course. yelling, spanking, and time out are all failures.

so i need some guidance. i have done well with my other children, and handled their A.D.D. diagnosis well, but concerned with my youngest and would prefer to help him in these early years.

thank you very much for any assistance you can give me.


angela jones

please no spam.. or viruses... lol just information.

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One Day at a Time
by: Z. Meltzer

Hello Angela,

Sounds like you have your hands full these days. How many children do you have? What are their ages?

SInce your son is only three years old I would focus my efforts on socialization and general proper behavior. You can have a chart for good behavior for instance and reward him when he behaves well.

Preview with your son your expected behavior from him and if he does not act accordingly stick to you word. For example, I preview with my children how we behave in a grocery store and when they do not follow (it only happened twice) I leave everything and walk out with them.

Another way to monitor behavior is to use the sentences "try again." and "start over." For example, when my son just says "can I have water?" (without the please). I'll say: "try again."

Teach your son the proper behavior and do not focus on the not proper one.

Once you feel like you are in control and he is listening you can begin focusing on activities that will develop his pre-reading and pre-math skills but until than I would put my energy on the behavior.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing about progress soon,


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