How to Have a Bake Sale at Home

Lemonade stands and bake sales are fun summer activities for kids. They can also be used as teaching moments by incorporating counting, sorting and teaching money skills.

How I Used a Bake Sale to Teach My Kids Money Skills

About one month ago, my son and I walked by an ice cream cart. I didn't have any cash on me and was unable to buy him a treat. Even though he accepted it, an idea was planted in his head:

"I want to have my own money." He said.

"I want to sell ice cream and than I can have money and buy my own ice cream." He continued.

His idea was great. I just felt that it would be a much more meaningful experience if we made something ourselves and sold it. We spoke about the options such as lemonade stands and decided to bake cookies and have a bake sale.

For two days we prepared our bake sale...

On the first day we made our plan and shopped for the ingredients.

On the second day, we baked our cookies. Eytan measured, stirred, poured and tasted his product. When the cookies were ready we counted them and placed them in a cookie jar ready for our sale the next day. Eytan and Noam at the sale:

Bake Sale

On the day of the sale I did a quick advertising campaign by e-mailing and facebooking anyone who lives near by. We even had drive  thru customers:

Bake Sale 2

Throughout the day, Eytan and Noam took turn serving the customers and collecting payment:

Bake Sale 3

I must say it was the most delicious experience. Eytan poured a glass of milk and gave it with the cookie to each costumer. The best part was when he turned to me with a beaming face and said:

"I think it's a big success."

It sure was!

Bake Sale 4

Ideas for a Successful Bake Sale or Lemonade Stand

Always Take the Time

Involve your child in the process and engage them in a meaningful conversation during the preparation time.

Remember You're There to Support

It is their sale and you are there to help them bring their vision alive not yours.

Let People Know About It

You do not need tens of costumers but on the other hand if only one person shows up it can be disappointing.

The Reward is from Within

I much rather say: "You must be so proud of yourself. This is a great accomplishment." than saying "I am so proud of you." A healthy self esteem comes from within and it is not dependent on other people.

Read my interview with John Lanza the creator of the Money Mammals and learn how to teach money skills to kids.

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