Preschool Bible Crafts
The Story of Creation I

There are many preschool bible crafts activities which you can do with the children that focus on the story of creation. In my class, the children enjoy using different materials and the open-ended style of the activity below.

We chose to take our time and everyday we worked on one day in our creation book for a total of seven days. If you would like to do it in one day, I would recommend to set up seven centers where each center is a different day of creation and the children will move from one center to the next.

Read the story of creation to refresh your memory and view other discussion points.

The Story of Creation


Cut out papers in the shape of a circle:

White paper x 2
Green papers x 2
Blue papers x 2
Black papers x 2
Tissue papers in different colors

Markers or crayons
Labels with Day 1, Day 2 written on them


Paint - for the big mess in beginning (day zero)

Clear blue paper - for the water (day two)

Sand - for the land (day three)

Shiny papers - for the sun and moon (day four)

Feathers - for the birds (day five)

Stickers - for the flowers, animals and fish (day five)

Introduce each day to the children and brainstorm with them the different things that belong and should be added to the page. When all the pages are completed and dry, attach them to one another and create a book. A picture is worth a thousand words...

In the beginning, there was a big mess...

Creation Day Zero

On the first day, God said: "Let there be light."

Creation Day One

On the second day, God parted the waters...

On the third day, God created the land, the trees and the flowers.

Creation Day Three

On the fourth day, God created the sun the moon and all the stars.

Creation Day Four

On the fifth day, God created creatures living in the sky and waters.

Creation Day Five

On the sixth day, God created the animals of the land and people.

Creation Day Six

On the seventh and final day, God rested.

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